Puppies Raised in The  Home by Kind
Scotland Honey
We Believe in raising our puppies
with a balanced mix of science,
nature and experience. We seek to
have as much as an Organic  and
Natural  of an upbringing as
possible for our pups  they are
exposed to  critical  experiences at
development-ready times.  A
stimulating  environment is present  
to guide them in their  development.
This  allows them to Learn at their
own pace .

We strongly believe that we can
actually increase the size and
complexity of our pups' brains by
the things we do with their dam
before they are born (nutrition,
Omega 3 fatty acid
supplementation) and the pups
themselves after birth. We do
BioSensor exercises and offer
unique scents before their eyes and
ears open.
Our pups are raised in
our home to ensure their
development includes the
sounds, activities and
smells of a typical home
Mum and Dad of the

As soon as a puppy is
old enough to move
around, it will approach
anything or anybody
willingly and without fear.

By the time it reaches
about 12 weeks of age,
anything new will be
approached with
caution and trepidation.
Therefore, the critical
time for meeting people
and other animals, and
getting familiar with
things in the
environment is between
3 and 12 weeks of age.

Puppies go to new
homes from the age of
about  8 weeks.

This means that about
3 to 5 weeks of the
critical socialisation time
is spent with the
breeder. During this
time, puppies should be
exposed to a whole
range of different
encounters and
experiences to equip
them for life in the
human world.

As a puppy gets older
and its brain develops,
it gradually becomes
more and more able to
take in and retain
information. Therefore,
it is necessary to begin
slowly at a very young
age and gradually
increase the amount of
exposure as the puppy

Puppies need to be
continually socialised
and exposed to
different environments
up to the age of one
year if they are to stay
This is particularly
important in the case of
puppies that are kept in
kennels and ‘run on’ to
develop their show
While here The puppies are Socialized to a Variety of animals and people this is
critical in helping them on their Journey to become well rounded canines...
Our Puppies visit Nursing home Residents to
bring some much needed  Golden Light into their
Sire Of Puppies William~   Sweet ,Friendly and an Engaging Personality..
a Family dog,Beautiful and Deeply Kind Dog
Our Female Golden Of Scotland Honey is a Lovely  Mum
with Tremendous Feathering and a Golden Temperament
Nestled on a small Working horse Farm in
Northern Chester County Pa we are a Family
that Loves animals and  We are especially
interested in the early socialization of all  of our
four legged friends and how it can help them to
become better adjusted for life... Please call
Jack at
484-364-1206 To arrange a visit to our
Home and meet these wonderful Friends of ours
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Golden to learn more
about the Benefits of
Bio sensory training in
Available Puppies Below Scotland Honey Goldens are   Home
raised and Socialized to Everything
Fragile Circle

We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even
more temporary than our own, live within a fragile
circle, easily and often breached.  
Unable to accept
its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.

We cherish memory as the only certain immortality,
never fully understanding the necessary plan.- -Irving
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Pros and Cons of a raw
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Golden Retriever History
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Estimation of heritabilities, genetic
and breeding values of four traits
that collectively define hip dysplasia in
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"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For
me they are the role model for being alive."
-Gilda Radner-
The importance of
Walking your Dogs Please
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We do Crate Training BEFORE your puppy goes
home..:  WE feel  its Important to give the puppies
and the new owners a Huge head start by  
..Teaching the  puppies  to sleep in their crates  and
not soil it,  this is an intensive and exhaustive task.  
We do more than just introduce your puppy to a
crate. We actually train your puppy to sleep in its
own crate through the night.  The early days of this
process are the most difficult. Therefor we do the
hard  part for you.. I have implemented a system
that slowly teaches your puppy to enjoy being in the
crate without soiling it. This makes for many
sleepless nights on my  part.  But I  feel this early
head start to crate training makes the transition to
your home less stressful for the puppy and you!
Most of our puppies go home able to sleep
comfortably in their crates at night, for a period of 5  
hours without accidents.
You get More with a
Scotland Honey Golden
Mum Stor- A Sweet  Feminine head
and a gentle nature
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